Hope everyone had a wonderful time hunting eggs with family and friends! In this post I would like to discuss the latest trend in employment, asking for Facebook passwords. It is similar to a urine test to sit on a computer all day. Why would you have to allow that level of scrutiny? 

This is just one more occasion where there is just too much anal-retention and not enough intelligent management left within the companies beginning to use this practice. It amazes me that what I find humorous would be used to judge me or anyone else's ability to perform any job function! 

The best way to refuse this of course is to simply state you do not have an account.

The trends in this and other areas of technology this last few months has been concerning, as many Americans do not realize the issues that will arise when the individuals in power begin to data-mine the people. I for one will keep my data off the cloud unless I absolutely need to share it, and even then, there are methods for transfers that do not require me to give up intellectual property. This is one of the biggest under-addressed concerns of the new technology that we all take for granted. What happens to our property and civil rights when it is all up in the "cloud"?